Tom Passed Driving Test in Slough

IMG_2510Thomas Spence from Windsor Berkshire passed his driving test in Slough. Tom started his lessons as a complete beginner with Rashid Driving School. Tom passed his test with only 3 minor errors.

Congratulations to Tom and wishing him happy and safe motoring for ever.

“I would like to say a big thank you to Rashid for helping me pass my driving test. If you are looking to pass your test I would strongly recommend him.I have a varied roster and Rashid was extremely flexible around me in regards to the driving lesson dates and timings.At all times he made my lessons as enjoyable as possible, he adopted the lessons around me and did it in a way that I felt confident and motivated to learn.I enjoyed morning lessons and we would always go and grab a coffee to keep me motivated( the little things that made learning enjoyable).I have now been driving for a couple of weeks and I absolutely love the freedom it has given me. Rashid I am extremely greatful for all your help and support- my life now changed for the better !!! I would definitely recommend Rashid Driving School “

Thomas Spence

Windsor , Berkshire

driving test

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