Hitesh Passed His Manual Car Driving Test with Rashid Driving School at Slough DTC

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Hitesh passed his driving test with Rashid Driving School. Hitesh passed in our manual car at Slough DTC He had only 2 minors!! we congratulate him and wishing him safe and happy motoring for life.

passes driving test

” Mr Rashid is a very good instructor with much updated knowledge of driving rules and regulations. He likes to keep himself up to date as he knows this will help his students. he always made me feel stress free during my lessons. His teaching style and tactics makes everything so simple and easy to do which is something that helped me a lot during my learning. he is an instructor who truly understands the difficulties a learner can experience. he is fully capable of providing help to any difficulty you may have.I am certain I would not have passed my driving test if I did not have him. He is a great man and a fantastic instructor , i would recommend him to everyone who wants to pass their driving tests.”

Hitesh Ahuja

Slough , Berks 

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