Ashwini Passed Her Automatic Car driving Test with Rashid Driving School at Slough DTC


Ashwini Deshpande from Langley , passed with Rashid Driving school. Ashwini passed in our automatic car at Slough driving Test centre. Congratulations to Ashwini and we wish her safe and happy motoring for life.

driving test

” Rashid Driving School is the best driving schoolin this area. InstructorMr Rashid Raja is absolutely superb !!! I found his way of teaching in a calm manner boosting my level of ¬†confidence in a relaxed way. Lesson were always on time , affordable with high pass rate. Helpful and supportive throughout ¬†every lesson until I passed my test with just 3 minor faults. I can recommend Mr Javed Raja to all new learners whowho wish to pass UK driving test. “

Ashwini Deshpande

Langley , Slough


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