Ashpreet Passed Her Driving Test at Slough DTC

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Ashpreet Kaur from Slough passed her driving test at Slough Driving Test Centre. She passed with Rashid Driving School in a manual transmission car. Ashpreet had only a few minor errors during her test drive and passed with distinction.

Congratulations to Ashpreet and wishing her safe and happy driving forever.

driving test

”  Rashid is the best driving instructor you could ask for , he’s so polite and friendly. He gave me a lot of confidence in my driving. I had to change my driving instructor and found Rashid Driving School through the internet. I read so many good comments on his website. I am so glad I chose him. Rashid’s techinques  are easy and straight forward didnt have a problem learning from him.

I would highly recommend Rashid Driving School to everyone. I would also like to thank you personally for for all your hard work you put in me. God bless ” 

Ashpreet Kaur

Slough , Berkshire

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